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Customizing ConfigMgr Boot Images with WMI and PowerShell

By Johan Arwidmark / June 20, 2024

When adding in a ConfigMgr boot image not matching the currently installed Windows ADK version you quickly learn that several tabs are missing from the boot image properties. This is common when you want to try boot images from a new Windows ADK version, without upgrading Windows ADK on the ConfigMgr Site Server, for example […]


Fixing the MDT Integration for ConfigMgr 2403

By Johan Arwidmark / May 23, 2024

For those of you that upgraded to ConfigMgr 2403, you may have noticed that some console extensions, like the MDT extensions, will cause the ConfigMgr console to crash. Credits: Thank you Ahmed Essam at Dell for sharing your findings with the community! Symptom When trying use any of the MDT console extensions, you get an […]


Configuring NTFS Permissions using PowerShell

By Johan Arwidmark / April 20, 2024

Here are some quick examples on configuring NTFS permissions using PowerShell. The first example is using the takeown.exe and icacls.exe commands driven by PowerShell, and the second example is using the takeown.exe and native Get-Acl and Set-Acl PowerShell cmdlets. Credits: Thanks to Gary Blok for showing me the Get-Acl and Set-Acl PowerShell cmdlets. Option #1 […]


Cloning Hyper-V VMs with PowerShell

By Johan Arwidmark / February 24, 2024

Unlike when using Windows Admin Center to manage your Hyper-V VMs, Hyper-V Manager, nor the built-in cmdlets, offer any native VM cloning function. But with a bit of creative scripting, it's certainly doable. Here is a script that clones a virtual machine in Hyper-V:


Back to Basics – Disable Data DeDuplication

By Johan Arwidmark / February 13, 2024

Here is a quick guide on how to disable Data Deduplication. In this example I disabled Data Deduplication for my F: volume. 1. Make sure no applications or services are writing data to the volume. 2. Check the actual size of your content, and make sure you have the space available on the disk (with […]


Deploying Hyper-V Hosts via MDT Lite Touch

By Johan Arwidmark / February 6, 2024

Last week I got a question about deploying Hyper-V hosts via MDT Lite touch, so here is a quick guide. In this example I'm assuming you have imported an operating system to the Deployment Workbench. In my example I was using a Windows Server 2019 image. Update March 13, 2024: Added info on how to […]


Creating Nested Hyper-V VMs

By Johan Arwidmark / February 4, 2024

Using nested VMs is perfect for demos or smaller labs in the way you can have the entire setup, multiple VMs, contained in a single VM and a single virtual hard drive (VHDX). This VM can be shared with others and can be used to easily revert to a good checkpoint for the entire lab […]


Renaming VHDX Files for Hyper-V VMs

By Johan Arwidmark / February 4, 2024

In my lab I try to keep a somewhat consistent naming standard for the virtual hard disks (VHDX Files) I use for my VMs. Every now and then I miss, or I rename a VM later, and there wants to change the name of the VHDX file. In this post you learn how to change […]


Co-Management and Driver/Firmware Management

By Johan Arwidmark / January 20, 2024

In our trainings we get this question a lot, so I figured I should write it down… The question is: In a Co-managed environment, how can I manage drivers and firmware updates using the new control plane in Intune without switching the workload for updates to Intune? Basically, you want to manage quality updates with […]


Generic Task Sequence vs. OS Deployment Task Sequence – Inside the _SMSTSType Variable

By Johan Arwidmark / January 11, 2024

When creating ConfigMgr task sequences you learn that ConfigMgr assigns different types to them. This type is available as the _SMSTSType task sequence variable during deployment, and also available in the ConfigMgr database, as the TS_Type column in the vSMS_TaskSequencePackage view. The values are: Credits: Thanks to Boushev Gleb for the initial find But what […]


Highlights from Microsoft Technical Takeoff, November 27-30, 2023

By Johan Arwidmark / December 17, 2023

Unless you have been totally off grid the last few weeks or so, you probably noticed a ton of new information on Endpoint Management from Microsoft, more specifically from the Microsoft Technical Takeoff event that has been running during November 27-30, 2023-. The Microsoft Technical Takeoff event was combination of about live AMA (Ask Microsoft […]


Creating Pre-Caching Task Sequences From Other Task Sequences using PowerShell

By Johan Arwidmark / December 12, 2023

In a previous post, you learned how to use PowerShell to create a pre-caching task sequence for ConfigMgr from a list of packages, more specifically a list of driver packages. Here is a PowerShell script that creates a pre-caching task sequence from another task sequence. Here is the script: https://github.com/DeploymentResearch/DRFiles/blob/master/Scripts/ConfigMgr/New-PreCacheTaskSequenceFromAnotherTS.ps1 In this example I had […]


Increasing the ConfigMgr Client Cache Size beyond 99999 MB

By Johan Arwidmark / December 4, 2023

Few people knows that the ConfigMgr Client Cache has a default limit of 99999 MB, or 97.6 GB. That's when using native ConfigMgr Client Settings or the UIResource.UIResourceMgr COM object on the client that is. TL;DR: If you don't mind a healthy dose of WMI, you can increase the size beyond 99999 MB. Credits: Thanks […]


Windows Autopilot for Existing Devices – Creating a Dynamic Group

By Johan Arwidmark / November 21, 2023

When using the Windows Autopilot for Existing Devices scenario it's quite useful having those devices being automatically added to a group in Intune. This can be done by matching the ZtdCorrelationId from the Autopilot JSON file used in this scenario. Credits: Special thanks to Michael Niehaus explaining how the ZtdCorrelationId worked in this Microsoft blog: […]

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