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Windows Autopilot Plan B

By Johan Arwidmark / June 8, 2022

Windows Autopilot is pretty great… when it works. But the last few months there has been more issues with the Windows Autopilot service than I have fingers to count with, so here is a post on setting up a backup plan for enrolling devices automatically into Intune during deployment, without Autopilot. The Plan The Autopilot […]


New Unattended Setup Requirements in ConfigMgr 2203

By Johan Arwidmark / June 7, 2022

For those of you that likes to install ConfigMgr automatically, please note that starting in ConfigMgr 2203, you must also specify two of the keys in the SABranchOptions section: SAActive and CurrentBranch. If you fail to do so, the setup will fail with the following error: ERROR: Error reading branch status. SAActive and CurrentBranch needs […]


Links from our Camping Sessions at MMS 2022

By Johan Arwidmark / May 26, 2022

Per request, here are the links we shared during our camping sessions at MMS 2022 in Minneapolis. Camping sessions at MMS are private sessions you can book for 15-20 minutes with Microsoft or your favorite speakers and MVPs. Thank you everyone that joined our sessions / Johan and Andrew The Links AAD/Autopilot CleanupJos Lieben – […]


Windows Autopilot Hybrid Join Resources

By Johan Arwidmark / May 2, 2022

Here is a collection of resources I found useful when learning about setting up, and troubleshooting, Windows Autopilot Hybrid Join. First, why you may want not to 🙂 Deliver us from Hybridhttps://call4cloud.nl/2021/03/deliver-us-from-hybrid Second, resources for setup and troubleshooting Configure Autopilot Hybrid Azure-AD and ADDS Domain Joinhttps://www.thelazyadministrator.com/2020/01/16/configure-autopilot-hybrid-azure-ad-and-adds-domain-join/ Trying out Windows Autopilot User-Driven Hybrid Azure AD Join […]


SQL Server 2019 Evaluation Media Fails to Download

By Johan Arwidmark / April 16, 2022

Earlier today I stumbled across that the SQL Server 2019 Evaluation Media just refused to download its installer files. When launching the SQL2019-SSEI-Eval.exe file, it immediately failed with the error: Oops… A required file could not be downloaded. This could mean the version of the installer is no longer supported. Please download again from the […]


Back to Basics – Updating Drivers – pnputil.exe vs. pnpunattend.exe

By Johan Arwidmark / March 20, 2022

Starting with Windows Vista, Microsoft added two tools that allows for installing and updating drivers online, meaning in the running Windows operating system. The tools are pnputil.exe and pnpunattend.exe. Here is a quick guide on how they work. TL;DR While pnputil.exe offers more features, it sometimes fails (hangs) when updating a larger set of drivers […]


Force Application Reinstall in Microsoft Intune (Win32 Apps)

By Johan Arwidmark / March 20, 2022

During our Microsoft Intune trainings this year, one of the most frequently asked questions has been on how to force a reinstall / rerun / redeploy – whatever you like to call it – of an application deployed to Windows 10 or Windows 11 PCs. Well first of all, the correct Intune term is not […]


Dell, HP, and Lenovo models tested for Windows 10

By Johan Arwidmark / February 19, 2022

Below you find links from Dell, HP, and Lenovo models that are tested for Windows 10. Extra thanks to Mike Terrill for sending me the HP and Dell links. Note #1: Just because they are tested it may not mean they are still supported by the vendor, or haven't passed their End of Life (EOL) […]


Disable USMT during Computer Refresh in MDT Lite Touch

By Johan Arwidmark / February 18, 2022

Every now and then you need to refresh a machine into a known state, and the MDT Lite Touch Computer Refresh scenario does just that. The default behavior of that scenario is using USMT to capture user data and settings, but what if you simply want the refresh to happen without the USMT backup and […]


Moving The ConfigMgr Content Library to another Drive

By Johan Arwidmark / December 26, 2021

Here is a quick guide for moving (or merging) the ConfigMgr Content Library from one drive / volume to another using the Content Library Transfer tool (ContentLibraryTransfer.exe). Starting with ConfigMgr 1806, the Content Library Transfer Tool is included with the ConfigMgr installation. Prior to ConfigMgr 1806 you would have to download the ConfigMgr Toolkit to […]

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