Who is General Failure, and why is he reading my disk?

It’s been two great weeks, I’ve been travelling the US presenting Windows 10 trainings and sessions in Phoenix, Austin and Dallas (SCU 2016). But, it turned out I said something wrong, on all of them too, which is a new kind of record for me… Anyway I decided to use this classic joke as the headline for an apology, and clarification, to the good folks attending my Windows 10 sessions.

So, Bloody Hell, I was wrong!

The released versions of Windows 10 does have support for floppy disks, something I said they didn’t. I noticed Windows 10 removed missing the floppy disk support back in the early Windows 10 technical preview builds (build 9841 I think was the first one), and I quite frankly never bothered to check if Microsoft added the support back. Which they apparently did… Due to the many requests from people still using floppy disks?  Really?

So for all die hard floppy disk users out there, please accept my apology, and YES, you can still use floppy disks with Windows 10 🙂  (at least for now).

Help request: If anyone knows which in Windows 10 build that floppy disk was added back, please send me a tweet at http://twitter.com/jarwidmark so I can update this post.

Windows 10 with floppy disk support.

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