Validate Packages for ConfigMgr Task Sequences

A quite common issue when doing OS Deployment with ConfigMgr is that there is a mismatch on the packages on one or more DPs. The result on the client is an error message in the smsts.log saying: The hash value is not correct, and the error code is 0x80091007.

The fix is typically to update the DP(s) for that package, which calculates a new hash value (checksum). But how can you verify this without doing a deployment of a device or VM? Standalone media to the rescue. When you create a standalone media in ConfigMgr it performs the same checks as a deployment would, but you can create this media with PowerShell to get an instant validation of all packages referenced by the task sequence. Here is an example:

Create Standalone Media using PowerShell – The Script

Please note that this script will only validate packages the task sequence knows about (packages that are referenced by the task sequence).

# Set variables
$SiteCode = "PS1"
$DP = ""
$Media = "E:\Setup\standaloneMedia.iso"

# Import ConfigMgr Module
Import-Module (Join-Path $(Split-Path $env:SMS_ADMIN_UI_PATH) ConfigurationManager.psd1)
cd "$SiteCode`:"

# Create the standalone media
$TaskSequence = Get-CMTaskSequence -Name "Windows 11 Enterprise x64 22H2 Native with MDM CMG" -Fast
$DistributionPoint = Get-CMDistributionpoint -SiteSystemServerName $DP
New-CMStandaloneMedia -MediaType CdDvd -MediaSize SizeUnlimited -Path $Media -TaskSequence $TaskSequence -DistributionPoint $DistributionPoint


For troubleshooting check the CreateTsMedia.log file, the default location for a Windows 10/11 Client with the ConfigMgr Console installed is in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\AdminUILog folder.

If you run the ConfigMgr console on the site server to create the media, the CreateTsMedia.log file will be on the volume where you installed ConfigMgr. For example, E:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\AdminUILog.

If you are having trouble with the script, try creating the standalone media via the normal wizard, and see if that works. Here is the Summary page from the Task Sequence Media Wizard, showing the location of the CreateTSMedia.log:

The Summary page from the Task Sequence Media Wizard.
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Robert Hatcher
Robert Hatcher
9 months ago

Johan, Sorry I haven't been able to attend your office Hours. Been very busy. I stumbled across this wonderful Task sequence tester program. I made a variable at the front end that holds the task sequence name. Anyway it is presently running and that is when I realized on this SCCM I have no AdminUI folder for a CreateTsMedia.log. Finally I do not see anywhere in the script where that log file is directed to go to.

Robert Hatcher
Robert Hatcher
9 months ago

Since the initial comment. I searched for the log file across the entire PC. Nothing. Found it. It built a separate Admin console under Program Files(x86). Not sure why. Anyway thank you.