Using WuMgr (Update Manager for Windows) for Ad Hoc BIOS and TPM updates

While most of my daily consulting work is around automating everything around Systems Management and OSD, there is a good old tool that still works remarkably well if you have a single device that you need to update BIOS and TPM on, and don't want to hunt down the vendor tool and find the latest BIOS updates.

WuMgr is written by David Xanatos with Xanasoft, and uses the Windows Update Agent API to install missing Windows updates – including BIOS, TPM, and Thunderbolt updates – that are being published to Windows Update from the various hardware vendors (HP, Dell, Lenovo etc.).

The tool is a single executable, requires no installation, and the source code is available on GitHub as well. To download the latest version simply go to and click on Release 1.1.

Below is a screenshot from starting the tool on a HP Firefly 14 G7, and sure enough it did install the latest BIOS, and updated my Thunderbolt firmware.

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Chad Simmons
1 year ago

Great tool. Thanks for sharing something old, but new to me.