Using the LocationServer.xml feature in MDT 2013

MDT Lite Touch has a built-in functions to prompt for deployment share via the LocationServer.xml file. Most times I use the default gateway property to have clients automatically select the right server depending on what subnet they are on, but sometimes prompting can be useful too.

Note: By default the logic in this feature cleans any credentials provided in bootstrap.ini.

The LocationServer.xml feature

This feature allows for MDT to dynamically generate bootstrap.ini values for DeployRoot and is implemented as follows:

  1. Create the LocationServer.xml file, and specify the various deployment servers.  
  2. Copy the LocationServer.xml file to the \Deploy\Control folder in your boot image. The easiest way is via the Extra directory to add feature on the deployment share.
  3. Modify the Bootstrap.ini file to not include any DeployRoot value (since the LocationServer.xml feature dynamically sets it).
  4. Update the deployment share (which updates the boot image), and replace the boot image on your WDS server.

Sample file

Here is a sample LocationServer.xml file that allow you to select between two deployment servers.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
          ViaMonstra HQ, New York, USA
          ViaMonstra BO, Stockholm, Sweden

Deployment Wizard

This is how the deployment wizard looks after enabling the LocationServer.xml feature.


Happy Deployment, Johan

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