Using ModelAlias for ConfigMgr Driver Management

As you probably know, the various driver vendors do not follow the same standard for labeling their models. This is where the concept of ModelAlias comes in. It is just a script that normalizes vendor model names to their real model names. In this post, you will learn how to use ModelAlias for driver management in ConfigMgr.

  • Make the following changes to your CustomSettings.ini 
Priority=HardwareInfo, Default
Properties=MakeAlias, ModelAlias


Again, if you're following our structure, you should find your CustomSettings.ini file in . Sources\OSD\Settings\Windows Deployment Settings.

In your shiny Task Sequence, go to Post Install node and look for "Auto Apply Drivers" step – disable it. ´

  • Add a new group and call it Drivers      ´
  • Under Drivers Group, add the action: "Drivers – Apply Driver Package"      
  • Add your driver package(s) under properties tab
  • In Options, set a Task Sequence variable for ModelAlias equals and put the Model Alias name.
  • To get the Model Alias name if you don't know it, you need to run one of the following and read the resulting ZTIGather.log:
    • MDT Simulation environment, or start a normal MDT deployment on the endpoint – when the Wizard launches, go to the gather log.
  • As a final step, in your packages node, right click MDT Package and your Settings Package and pick Update Distribution Point.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Watch distmgr.log for status message 2301 + package ID for the "all clear" that the packages in question have been updated.
  • In a distributed environment, you can watch PkgXferMgr.log
    • Shows package distribution to remote DPs you can see, speed, blocks transferred, and general progress
  • Download Configuration Manager Toolkit (in details on download page, expand to verify it is for R2+)      
    • Use DPJobMgr.exe – once connected you can: See a list of running jobs, cancel jobs, and set priority (move up / down)

Happy deployments / Ami       

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