Useful ConfigMgr / MDT / OSD links I really, really, really like

Here are the links referenced in the Advanced System Center Configuration Manager Troubleshooting class I presented in New York in January 2019.

Setting up a lab

Add Internet access to VMS on Internal Networks

Setting up pfSense Routers

Reducing W10 Network impact

About Removing W10 Default apps

Script to remove W10 apps

Upgrade error codes

TSBackground (OSD Background) from Johan Schrewelius

Running setup IPU manually


Setup Upgrade Process – Technical Drilldown

Upgrade to Windows 10 – Channel 9

Precache TS – Upgrade


Fix Sysprep issues in ref images

Localizing/Updating Inbox Apps during OSD

Log files housekeeping

Adding DaRT to ConfigMgr the right way

Building the perfect Boot image

Signing drivers

List of features requiring UEFI

Modern Driver Management

Modern BIOS Management

TFTP Settings in ConfigMgr DP's

Enumerate variables

OSD Background (password protected F8)

BIOS to UEFI task sequences

ConfigMgr Client Agent Startup Script

Windows 10 GUI

Windows 10 Upgrade Lock Screen

OSD Frontend from Nickolaj Andersen

UI++ Frontend from Jason Sandy

SCT (GPO baselines)

PoSH to import baselines

OSD with BranchCache

Happy Deployment, / Johan Arwidmark

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2 years ago

Simply a great set of references to review and implement as you need.

4 years ago

Hi Johan, I'm deploying systems using WDS/MDT and BranchCache for WinPE, BCEnabler has to store the cache on a disk separate to the OS disk and then move the cache after the image is applied. 2PintSoftware guys state that using a USB key would be a good method, however, this doesn't help remote installations. I had an idea of, during the format and partition step, to: 1) create a branchcache volume 2) then move the cache to the OSDisk post applying image 3) then delete the temporary branchcache location 4) and extend the C drive into the empty space. I… Read more »