Upgrading to ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 CU4

Cumulative Update 4 (CU4) for ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 was released today (January 28, 2014). Info about the CU4 update is found here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2922875 

here follows a short guide on upgrading to it. The high-level steps are:

  1. Check for pending reboots
  2. Install the CU4 update
  3. Update the boot images
  4. Create/Update Client Package
  5. Update Task Sequences

Check for pending reboots

The CU4 setup will stop if there are pending reboots on the server, and I rather check it first before launching the setup, using the Test-PendingReboot. ps1 script.

Running the Test-PendingReboot.ps1 script

Install the CU4 update

Installing the CU4 update is quite straight-forward, but as usual, make sure you have a backup of the site server in the very event something goes wrong. Cumulative Updates are less tested than full releases. Run the CM12-SP1CU4-KB2922875-X64-ENU.exe script, and complete the wizard. After the wizard is completed reboot the site server.

Initial Wizard Page.

Prerequisite check.

Installing CU4 on my site server.

Update the boot images

After the update is installed (and possibly server rebooted), you need to update the boot images. Right-click the boot image that you want to update, and select the Update Distribution Points action. Repeat for additional boot images.

Updating the boot images.

Create/Update Client Package

Since the CU4 update contains client updates, I recommend integrating those hotfixes in your client package. I usually create a separate client package anyway, and just add the hotfixes to it.

A custom ConfigMgr 2012 client package with hotfixes.

Update Task Sequences

To have the task sequence deploy the updates, use the PATCH option for the Setup Windows and ConfigMgr action. In the below example, I'm using PATCH="C:\_SMSTaskSequence\OSD\Hotfix\KB2905002\KB2922875\x64\configmgr2012ac-sp1-kb2922875-x64.msp" for x64 task sequence. If you still are deploying x86 operating systems, you need to change to the i386 folder.

Configuring the task sequence to deploy the new client.

Happy Deployment / Johan

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9 years ago

Issue resolved by Johan's Suggestion, my ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 CU4 file was corrupt maybe during download or extraction, I went back to my hotfix link and downloaded a new copy and its works with no issues.

Follow these steps

Download a new CU4 File

Extract the file >CM12-R2CU4-KB3026739-X64-ENU and right click the MSI cm12-r2cu4-kb3026739-x64-enu to Uninstall the KB3026739 because the error log indicated it was installed but hasn't completed all required task.

Restart server or not in my case

Run the CM12-R2CU4-KB3026739-X64-ENU file as Admin and that should resolve the issue

9 years ago

Hi Johan, Great Post I'm setting up a new SCCM2012R2 lab but using CU4 update but i keeping an error when the CU4 tries to create software update catalog "Task 'Create Software Update Catalog' completed, state is 'failed' ExceptionText: Error: Setup detected an unexpected problem during installation. Error message: UpdatesPublisher catalog task: File 'C:Program FilesMicrosoft Configuration ManagerhotfixKB3026739AdminConsolei386configmgr2012adminui-r2-kb3026739-i386.msp' does not exist, unable to create catalog. Check the MSI log for the update for information on why the file was not created. Error: Setup detected an unexpected problem during installation. Error message: at Microsoft.SystemCenter.UpdateSetup.Tasks.GenerateCatalog.VerifyFileExists(String fileToVerify) at Microsoft.SystemCenter.UpdateSetup.Tasks.GenerateCatalog.GetConsoleUpdateXml() at Microsoft.SystemCenter.UpdateSetup.Tasks.GenerateCatalog.DoRun() at Microsoft.SystemCenter.UpdateSetup.Tasks.GenericTask.RunThread(Object taskObject)"… Read more »