Trying out the updated Task Sequence Error Dialog in ConfigMgr TP 1901

ConfigMgr TP 1901 was released yesterday, and among the many new features, there was an improved task sequence error dialog box. Had to be tested. 🙂

First, I added an action to a Task Sequence that I knew would break it – Running the non-existing foo.vbs script.

Task Sequence with a command that will break it.

Then I deployed it to an "old" ConfigMgr 1810 client, and it looked like this:

Error on ConfigMgr 1810 client.

Next test was to deploy the same sequence to a client in my ConfigMgr TP 1901 environment. Then it looks like this.

Error dialog on ConfigMgr TP 1901 client.

YAY! The Error dialog tells me on what step it failed.

/ Johan Arwidmark

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