Troubleshooting ConfigMgr Task Sequence Actions Using ServiceUI

When developing custom scripts for ConfigMgr you can save a lot of time by having a test-environment that allows you to interact with the Task Sequence in running Windows. The Task Sequence suppresses interaction by default, but by using ServiceUI.exe you can workaround that…

Simply add this command where you want to debug scripts or other in components the task sequence:
"%deployroot%\tools\%architecture%\ServiceUI.exe" -process:TSProgressUI.exe C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe

Check this short video on how you simulate deployment settings and use the ServiceUI.exe for script testing… (or download the video)

Starting the command prompt via the ServiceUI.exe
Running scripts in the command prompt that can interact with task sequence variables.

/ Johan

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4 years ago

I know this says more about me than you… but I blindly copied your text above to the command prompt and didn't realize that there were no backslashes in the path… AND I forgot to mark the TS step as "continue on error" so voila — error and dump out of TS… 🙁

If you'd like to watch other idiots like me, then hahahahahaha and do nothing… otherwise, consider changing your text string above to

"%deployroot%\tools\%architecture%\ServiceUI.exe" -process:TSProgressUI.exe C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe


11 years ago

it let me learn more! thanks