Troubleshooting Application Deployment in MDT Lite Touch

Here is a Tip on how to troubleshoot application deployment quickly in MDT Lite Touch. Shorthand version is that you still want to run it in a task sequence, but not wanting to deploy a full operating system just to test or troubleshoot an application. The solution is to create a custom task sequence, that only installs the application you want to troubleshoot.

Update: Uploaded a video with more details too:

Deployment Workbench showing a few applications.

Creating the Application only Task Sequence

In this scenario I had created an application in MDT Lite Touch for Microsoft 365 Apps (Office 365) and I wanted to make sure it worked in a Task Sequence.

1. In Deployment Workbench, create a new task sequence with the following settings:
Task sequence UD: APP001
Task sequence name: Application Deployment
Template: Custom Task Sequence

Selecting the Custom Task Sequence template.

2. Edit the new Application Deployment task sequence, and add an Install Application action for a single application, and then select the application to install. In my case the Install – Microsoft 365 Apps – x64 application.

Edited Task Sequence.

Testing on a client

On a Windows 10 or Windows 11 client, login in as a user with admin rights, and start the LiteTouch.vbs script from within Windows. For example, via Start / Run type in the following command:


Once the deployment wizard starts, select the new task sequence.

Selecting the Application Deployment task sequence.
Task Sequence running, installing just a single application.
Finished Deployment.
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Trong Tinh
Trong Tinh
7 months ago

Hi bro,
I'm using %WDSServer% in DeployRoot so i can't use this tips, do you have any workaround with this

Trong Tinh
Trong Tinh
7 months ago

ya its worked
other question is how can i call it and automaticly install tasksequenceid , tried skiptasksequence=yes and tasksequenceid=ID but seem like still opened the wizard menu

8 months ago

Good job putting it all together!