Trigger Full WSUS Metadata Synchronization in ConfigMgr

If you ever have the need to force/trigger a full sync of the WSUS Metadata in ConfigMgr, for example for troubleshooting, or simple demo purposes. This is how.

Forcing WSUS Metadata sync

PowerShell to the rescue 🙂 Simply run this command after importing the Configuration Manager PowerShell module:

Sync-CMSoftwareUpdate -FullSync $True

The above command really just creates an empty flag file inside the .\inboxes\ folder, located in the Configuration Manager installation folder. When setting the FullSync parameter to $True, the operation creates a flag file named FULL.SYN in the folder, and when FullSync is $False it creates a flag file named SELF.SYN.

You will see the result in the wsyncmgr.log.

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3 months ago

importing the Configuration Manager PowerShell module? Is there a process to this that you could share?