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Using PowerShell to download Edge Chromium for Business

By Mattias Benninge / July 2, 2020

In Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager you can create an Edge Application using a Wizard that will download the latest (or a specific) version. Here there is also an option to select that once the browser is installed that it will auto update itself. However once this package is created it will always install the version […]


Microsoft Endpoint Manager Documentation and Export tool

By Mattias Benninge / February 16, 2020

I have just published a tool (PowerShell script) on github to create a comprehensive documentation of a tenant and also export all settings in JSON format that can also be used for importing settings again in the same tenant or even another. This can be very useful in a scenario where there is a DEV-tenant […]


SemiAutomate Onboarding Devices to Windows Autopilot

By Mattias Benninge / February 2, 2020

This solution is for devices that have already been bought or for lab/test scenarios to simplify the onboarding process. When planning on going into production the devices that are bought should already be enrolled into your tenant by your hardware vendor. A list of vendors that support Autopilot can be found here Link This solution […]