Storage Spaces Shared Nothing in Windows Server v.Next

This morning I was viewing the recorded "Design Scale-Out File Server Clusters in the Next Release of Windows Server" session from TechEd Europe 2014 presented by Claus Joergensen, and there were indeed some really interesting topics discussed. Especially the new "Storage Spaces Shared Nothing" feature coming in Windows Server v.Next.

The recorded session is available for download here:

Summary of Storage Spaces Shared Nothing

Here follows a quick summary of the Storage Spaces Shared Nothing part (starting 01:02:40 into the session).

The new "Storage Spaces Shared Nothing" feature doesn't need shared JBODs and SAS fabric behind SOFS nodes, which is awesome news. That being said it will require special hardware to work (Prescriptive configurations for "Storage Spaces Shared Nothing" will be available at a later time).

The storage network fabric between nodes needs to be really fast, it requires high-speed SMB3 interconnect, cannot be stretched to other sites.

Does not support thin provisioning this time around.


/ Johan

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