Slides from Back to Basics – Windows 10 / 11 Setup Internals

Here are the slides from the Back to Basics – Windows 10 / 11 Setup Internals session that Michael Niehaus and me presented on July 22 for the FWSMUG user group. If you missed the event, you can see the recording here:

Download slides: FWSMUG_07_2021_Back_to_Basics_Windows_10_and_Windows_11_Setup_Internals_Final.pptx

Blast from the past

Funny enough, I got a few requests to see the very, very, old slide deck from SMS 2003 FP that I showed as a blast from the past in the session: OSD_FP_Internals_A_Geeks_Guide_To_The_Galaxy.ppt (from 2006)

Happy Deployment / Johan

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2 years ago

Hello Sir,

One query question if you can help me.

VLC player is an open source. Is it make sense to have this application in the standard image for everyone ? or its a risk ?