Slides from Back to Basics – Windows 10 / 11 Setup Internals

Here are the slides from the Back to Basics – Windows 10 / 11 Setup Internals session that Michael Niehaus and me presented on July 22 for the FWSMUG user group. If you missed the event, you can see the recording here:

Download slides: FWSMUG_07_2021_Back_to_Basics_Windows_10_and_Windows_11_Setup_Internals_Final.pptx

Blast from the past

Funny enough, I got a few requests to see the very, very, old slide deck from SMS 2003 FP that I showed as a blast from the past in the session: OSD_FP_Internals_A_Geeks_Guide_To_The_Galaxy.ppt (from 2006)

Happy Deployment / Johan

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