Setup a Workgroup Server with PXE (WDS) for MDT Lite Touch

Here is a quick guide to configure a workgroup server with PXE for MDT Lite Touch (or any other deployment solution based on WinPE). In this example I'm using a Windows Server 2019 server named MDT01 configured for being in a workgroup, and the PXE server is Windows Deployment Services (WDS).


For this guide I have a MDT Lite Touch deployment share configured in E:\MDTProduction on my MDT01 server. DHCP is handled by my EdgeMAX EdgeRouter Lite that I use for Internet access, but any DHCP Server will do just fine. If you want a step-by-step guide for the Windows ADK and MDT setup, download our free deployment eBook by signing up for our newsletter here: The eBook contains 70+ pages of setup guides for Windows 10 and Windows 11 deployments.

WDS Setup for a Workgroup Server – Step-by-Step

On MDT01, using Server Manager and add the Windows Deployment Services role.

When asked about the role services, select both Deployment Server, and Transport Server.

Once WDS is installed, open the Windows Deployment Services console, right-click your server, and select Configure Server.

On the Install Options page, select the Standalone server option.

On the Remote Installation Folder Location page, type in the path to a data disk on MDT01. In my case the E: drive, making the full path: E:\RemoteInstall

On the PXE Server Initial Settings page, select the Respond to all client computers (known and unknown) option.

Allow the setup to complete, and on the Operation Complete page, clear the Add images to the server now check box, and click Finish.

Add Boot Images to WDS

Once the server setup is completed, you can now add in any boot images you want. Open the WDS console, right-click Boot Images, and select Add Boot Image.

Browse to your boot image, in my case the E:\MDTProduction\Boot\LiteTouchPE_x64.wim.

On the Image Metadata page, add an image name, and image description, and complete the wizard.

Below is the WDS console after the boot image has been added. In this case a boot image from Windows ADK 11.

All done 🙂

Happy Deployment, Johan

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Johan Arwidmark

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1 year ago

I followed the same steps, but Start PXE over IP4 shows up and reboot, something is missing for next step, what file it looks for?

Martin Skorvald
1 year ago

Hi from Sweden
Is this the same in win2022 or have something been changed?


George Gates
George Gates
1 year ago

Followed his instructions and it worked perfectly. Thanks, Johan!