Selecting the Right Deployment Settings for Pre-Caching

When deploying task sequences with the purpose of pre-caching of content – for example before a large application roll-out, or Windows 10 servicing (Inplace upgrade – you better pick the right settings, or you'll find that the clients may download the same content twice.

The trick to pre-caching is to make sure the content ends up in the ConfigMgr cache and no-where else. However not all deployment settings will make that happen. Here follows a list of your options.

Pre-Cache Deployment Setting #1

If you are deploying a task sequence, you can select the Pre-download content for this task sequence option, That will download the content into the ConfigMgr Cache before starting the sequence.

Selecting the Pre-download option.

Pre-Cache Deployment Setting #2

Another option is to select the Download all content locally before starting task sequence option. This will also make sure the content is downloaded to the ConfigMgr client cache

Selecting the Download all content locally before starting task sequence option.


If your plan is to have content downloaded to the ConfigMgr cache, do Not select the default Download content locally when needed by the running task sequence option. This will download the content in to the temporary folder the task sequence is using during deployment, and will be deleted when the task sequence ends. Not ideal if you want to keep the content around for future uses 🙂

Happy deployment / Johan

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3 months ago

Installation PKGs all have set
Is there any global overwrite that allows me to set
i.e. from TSConfig.ini ? Thanks

3 years ago

Thank you for this!! Been working on moving my org from 1803 to 1909 and I was banging my head against the wall wondering why my content was caching in the default _SMSTaskSequence folder and not in the client cache folder as I configure it to do.