Slides, Sample command lines, and Scripts from NIC 2014

Thank you all of you who visited my sessions at NIC 2014, it was great fun!

Here are the slides, sample command lines, and PowerShell scripts used in the demos. If you miss anything let me know.

Slides from my three presentations

  • Building the perfect Windows 8.1 image
  • Deploying Windows 8.1 in the Enterprise
  • Troubleshooting ConfigMgr 2012 R2 OS Deployments

Download a zip of all the slides.

Hydration kit to build my demo VM's

In the demos I used VM's created with my hydration kit, download and step-by-step instructions are here:

The Hydration Kit for ConfigMgr 2012 R2 is available for download

PowerShell script to create a VHDX from a WIM file

In the session I used this script from good friend and MVP Mikael Nyström.

PowerShell is King – Convert WIM to VHD/VHDX with support for Gen 1 and Gen 2 (BIOS/UEFI) and then some.

The command I used was:

.\Create-VHDX.ps1 -SourceFile .\REFW81-X64-001.wim -Index 1 -DestinationFile D:\VHDtenos\REFW81-X64-001.vhdx -Disklayout BIOS

Export the Startscreen layout as a binary file

Note: The C:\Layouts folder must exist.

Export-StartLayout -Path "C:\Layouts\ViaMonstra.bin" -As BIN

Export the Startscreen layout as XML

Note: The C:\Layouts folder must exist.

Export-StartLayout -Path "C:\Layouts\ViaMonstra.xml" -As XML

Import the Startscreen to an offline image

Image is mounted on D:\Mount in this example.

Import-StartLayout -LayoutPath "C:\Layouts\ViaMonstra.xml" -MountPath "D:\Mount" 

Import the Startscreen to an online image (not supported, but works)

For more details on this process, check Aaron Parker's post:

Customizing the Windows 8.1 Start Screen? Don't follow Microsoft's guidance

The command used in the demo was:

PowerShell.exe -NonInteractive -Command Import-StartLayout -LayoutPath .\ViaMonstra.bin -MountPath %SystemDrive%\

Setting SMSTS.log size

Building the perfect ConfigMgr boot image – Deployment Research

/ Johan

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