Products for Software Updates Demystified

When using ConfigMgr for Software Updates, via the Software Update Point role, you need to select which classifications and products you want to support in your environment. This configuration would have been super-easy if:

  1. The product names have been somewhat consistent
  2. There was a link to documentation on what they mean.

Unfortunately, none of the above conditions are true, so in this post you find some clarification on some of the stranger product names. You will also find links to some useful resources about software updates products in the end of the post.

Products listed in the SUP properties.

Product Names Demystified

If there are any product names not listed below that you think could benefit from a clarification, please let me know in the comments below.

  • Forefront / System Center Endpoint Protection. Commonly used back in the days of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 to download antivirus definitions. Not needed anymore (even though every other SUP guide on the Internet falsely claims you need to select it).
  • Windows Server, version 1903 and later. Updates for the now discontinued semi-annual versions of the Windows Server family.
  • Server 2022 Hotpatch Category. Updates for Azure editions of Windows Server
  • Windows Server 2019. Updates for Windows Server 2019, and Windows Hyper-V 2019, and the discontinued Windows Server, version 1809 (SAC).
  • Microsoft Server operating system-21H2. Updates for Windows Server 2022 (LTSC) and Azure Stack HCI OS version 21H2. But not for the Azure editions of Server 2022.
  • Microsoft Server Operating System-22H2. This is updates for Azure Stack HCI version 22H2. Another interesting product, similar to the preceding 21H2 one, but with uppercase O and S in Operating System in front of the version.
  • Azure Stack HCI. For Azure Stack HCI OS version 20H2 only.

Tip: If you want to search for products easily in PowerShell, the Get-WsusProduct cmdlet and its TitleIncludes parameter is useful. Here is an example: Get-WsusProduct -TitleIncludes "21H2"


Here are some useful resources regarding software update products

Understanding Windows Update Services product categories for Windows Server 2022 and Azure Stack HCI

What Do The Windows 10 Product Names Mean in WSUS

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11 months ago


I don't understand, in WSUS when I filter the view on the "Microsoft Server Operating System-22H2" updates, I get updates that apply to Windows Server 21H2 according to the link that redirects to the KB article.
For example, the KB5028171 is listed under the product "Microsoft Server Operating System-22H2," but when I visit the Microsoft article (, it's mentioned at the bottom of the page that it belongs to the product "Microsoft Server operating system-21H2"…
What a mess…