Ping, tracert, ipconfig, route and nslookup in PowerShell

Here is a quick summary of commonly used network commands in PowerShell. The info was gathered from a series of tweets from Jose Baretto.

Update April 20, 2015: Jose just put together a very nice blog post, covering this in great more detail, check it out: Windows PowerShell equivalents for common networking commands (IPCONFIG, PING, NSLOOKUP)

  • ipconfig: Get-NetIPAddress | FT
  • Ping: Test-NetConnection
  • tracert: Test-NetConnection -TraceRoute
  • route: Get-NetRoute
  • nslookup: Resolve-DNSName

Happy Deployment

/ Johan

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My Taint
My Taint
3 years ago

Thanks a lot. Made my night a whole lot simpler.