Making MDT work with Windows ADK 2004 for BIOS Machines

Due to code changes in Windows ADK 10 v2004 the MDT utility (Microsoft.BDD.Utility.dll) that detects BIOS or UEFI firmware types no longer works correctly, and detects BIOS-based machines as UEFI-based machines. Update June 3, 2020: Microsoft released a hotfix for this issue. Basically a new version of Microsoft.BDD.Utility.dll: With this hotfix you don't need the […]

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Cloud OS Deployment, Part 2 – Bare Metal Deployment via MDT from the Cloud

In Cloud OS Deployment, Part 1, you learned how to run MDT task sequences via Microsoft Intune for Computer Refresh and Inplace Upgrade / Windows 10 Servicing scenarios. In this part you learn how to do bare metal deployments over Internet (http/https), with, or without any other corporate infrastructure. Update September 25, 2022: This post […]

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Creating a Pretty Good Installer Script for Microsoft Edge

Here is a work in progress sample for a better installer script for Microsoft Edge. Any comments/feedback/ideas are more than welcome 🙂 Since the initial release I've removed the master_preferences section since its not support by Microsoft Edge (only for Google Chrome). ConfigMgr Native Script for Edge The native ConfigMgr script adds an update channel […]

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