New and removed built in apps in Win11 22H2

This is a short post where the built in appx and FOD (feature on demand) packages are compared to the ones in the original Windows 11 21H2 release. The Enterprise version of Windows 11 have been used to make the comparison. The built in appx packages and FODs are documented by Microsoft here: At […]

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Mount-WindowsImage fails in WinPE

This weekend I stumbled across an issue when trying to mount a driver package (WIM file) in WinPE via the Mount-WindowsImage cmdlet, part of the Dism PowerShell module from WinPE. The error that was shown was: Mount-WindowsImage : The 'Mount-WindowsImage' command was found in the module 'Dism', but the module could not be loaded. The […]

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Adding PowerShell 7 to WinPE

While not officially supported, PowerShell 7 seems to play somewhat nicely in WinPE. Here is a short script that adds it into WinPE build 10.1.22000.1 (Windows ADK for Windows 11 21H2) or WinPE build 10.0.22621.1 (Windows ADK for Windows 11 22H2). Update July 2, 2022: Added code to support PowerShell Gallery, set screen resolution and […]

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Windows Autopilot Plan B

Windows Autopilot is pretty great… when it works. But the last few months there has been more issues with the Windows Autopilot service than I have fingers to count with, so here is a post on setting up a backup plan for enrolling devices automatically into Intune during deployment, without Autopilot. The Plan The Autopilot […]

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Windows Autopilot Hybrid Join Resources

Here is a collection of resources I found useful when learning about setting up, and troubleshooting, Windows Autopilot Hybrid Join. First, why you may want not to 🙂 Deliver us from Hybrid Second, resources for setup and troubleshooting Configure Autopilot Hybrid Azure-AD and ADDS Domain Join Trying out Windows Autopilot User-Driven Hybrid Azure AD Join […]

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