Moving The ConfigMgr Content Library to another Drive

Here is a quick guide for moving (or merging) the ConfigMgr Content Library from one drive / volume to another using the Content Library Transfer tool (ContentLibraryTransfer.exe). Starting with ConfigMgr 1806, the Content Library Transfer Tool is included with the ConfigMgr installation. Prior to ConfigMgr 1806 you would have to download the ConfigMgr Toolkit to […]

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Not Being Able to Reach Default Gateway Prevents ConfigMgr (SCCM) Client to Install

Stumbled across an issue yesterday and figured it would be worth mentioning. In one of our ConfigMgr 2107 environments (possible the same for older versions), client push would fail with the following error: Download Update: A recoverable error has occurred. A retry attempt will be made. Error: 0x80200010, Description There are currently no active network […]

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Cloud OS Deployment, Part 4 – Imaging over Internet, directly into Windows Autopilot

Cloud OS Deployment, or Cloud Imaging, allows you to deploy machines without any local infrastructure other than Internet access. It can for example be used to: In this post you learn how to configure MDT/PSD for a proof-of-concept scenario: Having machines automatically enroll into Windows Autopilot during imaging, via some clever PowerShell automation. Note #1: […]

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