Cloud OS Deployment, Part 4 – Imaging over Internet, directly into Windows Autopilot

Cloud OS Deployment, or Cloud Imaging, allows you to deploy machines without any local infrastructure other than Internet access. It can for example be used to: Image devices from directly home Image from a remote office without overloading the VPN connection, or even without having a VPN connection. Rebuild an entire infrastructure after a ransomware […]

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Slides from Back to Basics – Windows 10 / 11 Setup Internals

Here are the slides from the Back to Basics – Windows 10 / 11 Setup Internals session that Michael Niehaus and me presented on July 22 for the FWSMUG user group. If you missed the event, you can see the recording here: Download slides: FWSMUG_07_2021_Back_to_Basics_Windows_10_and_Windows_11_Setup_Internals_Final.pptx Blast from the past Funny enough, I got a […]

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Speeding up the MDT integration in ConfigMgr – Creating MDT Lite Packages

While more and more organizations are leaving the MDT integration in ConfigMgr behind – In favor of PowerShell driven community solutions, or by developing their own custom PowerShell scripts – There are still ConfigMgr environments using the integration. While the default MDT package that is created by the MDT console extensions for ConfigMgr is working […]

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