Audit and Fix Windows Update Registry Keys in a Co-management Scenario

Originally posted on on April 2, 2022 Recently I’ve been working on enrolling devices into co-management and piloting the Windows Updates workload in Intune. The devices I’ve been working with have been compromised of various manufacturers and models with varying life spans – some for years, some much newer. Some had specific Group Policies […]

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Windows Autopilot for Existing Devices – Downloading the Deployment Profile

When using the Autopilot for Existing Devices scenario, you download one of your existing Autopilot deployment profiles via Microsoft Graph, and then instruct whatever deployment solution you are using to copy the file to the C:\Windows\Provisioning\Autopilot folder. This way you can enroll machines into Intune without having to upload a hardware hash and assign them […]

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Fixing VBScript Support in Windows ADK SEP 2023 Update (Build 25398)

For those that tried out the latest Windows ADK for Windows 11 22H2, you quickly learned that Microsoft overlooked testing a bit. The VBScript component had been removed, breaking deployment solutions like MDT, or ConfigMgr (when using VBScripts). This post covers a temporary workaround until Microsoft releases an official fix. Update November 20, 2023: This […]

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Limiting Hyper-V Bandwidth using pfSense

In my labs I frequently use bandwidth control to simulate different customer environments, allowing me to mimic distributed environments spanning over multiple locations. While Hyper-V itself does support bandwidth limiting, it can only do that on outgoing (outbound) traffic which is not really a real-world scenario where you have routers and WAN links limiting the […]

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Signing or Not – Intune Win32 App Detection and Requirement Scripts

Not signing your Win32 App detection scripts may sound as a very strange suggestion, and it's certainly not ideal from a security standpoint, but depending on how many applications you have that are using scripts for detection and/or requirement rules you may run into unexpected results… Microsoft Intune Policy Limitations When using Microsoft Intune for […]

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Find Scheduled Tasks via PowerShell

This morning I needed to find which scheduled task that ran a specific PowerShell script, and also which username that was configured to run the task. While the Get-ScheduledTask and Get-ScheduledTaskInfo cmdlets does retrieve detailed information about schedule tasks, they don't reveal the information about the username. Good old schtasks.exe to the rescue. The Script

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