Running the MDT Task Sequence as a Different User

When using MDT 2013 Update 2 (Lite Touch) for your deployments the default behavior is to run every task sequence action as the local Administrator account. In addition to this, MDT also connects to the deployment share using the account you start the deployment with. Either typed in via MDT deployment wizard login dialog box, or automated via bootstrap.ini. But what if you want to run the task sequence, at least the last part of it, as a different user in order to access resources on other servers than the deployment server? Or simply to install applications as a different user.

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Have ConfigMgr send an email after deployment (including log parsing)

Over the years I have been using a few different scripts to have the task sequence send an email when the deployment is completed. For example this post: Configure MDT 2010 to send an email when deployment is completed. Another common way to do this is to use status filter rules in ConfigMgr. A good example is the Send an email when OSD completes a deployment post by Benoit Lecours.

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Who is General Failure, and why is he reading my disk?

It’s been two great weeks, I’ve been travelling the US presenting Windows 10 trainings and sessions in Phoenix, Austin and Dallas (SCU 2016). But, it turned out I said something wrong, on all of them too, which is a new kind of record for me… Anyway I decided to use this classic joke as the headline for an apology, and clarification, to the good folks attending my Windows 10 sessions.

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Links from Best of 2015 – OS Deployment, MDT, ConfigMgr (and some other stuff)

In the 78 minute long Best of 2015 – OS Deployment, MDT, ConfigMgr  (and some other stuff) video, presented by Mikael Nystrom and Johan Arwidmark, we have gathered our favorite things from 2015. A mix of war stories, demos, events, deployments and more… Here are the links mentioned in that video (also available as annotations during the video).

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List of Windows 10 features that requires UEFI

One of the many restrictions of the Windows 10 inplace-upgrade process is that it doesn’t support changing BIOS to EUFI (see my Windows 10 Upgrade Limitations post for complete listing). So, do you really need UEFI to deploy Windows 10?  The answer is no, Windows 10 can absolutely be deployed to BIOS-based machines, but some of it’s features does require UEFI. Here is the (current)list:

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Windows 10 drivers for Surface 3

Finding Windows 10 drivers, or drivers in general, for the Surface 3 machine can be a bit challenging since Microsoft decided to change the search experience for their download site from poor to worse. Anyway, the trick is to Google/Bing for the Surface Pro 3 drivers which are available here:

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