Optimizing Windows 11 for the Enterprise

You would think that a product named Windows 11 Enterprise would be optimized for business use out of the box, but like the Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 11 Enterprise is far from it. In this post you learn about common configuration changes enterprises are doing to make Windows 11 more suitable for enterprises.

The Supported Route

When making changes to Windows 11, try to follow supported options for doing so instead of relying on obscure registry hacks or tweaking scripts. Unsupported changes may come back and bite you 2-3 years from now, simply because Microsoft don't test them. I have seen unsupported hacks preventing upgrades to new versions, not just the next version, but multiple versions ahead.

#1 Get rid of the consumer feature and applications

By disabling Microsoft consumer experiences and other cloud/tailored experiences you are reducing the number of applications that needs to be updated every other week. This will reduce the data download and the number of connections your clients are doing through a corporate firewall.

And, yes, get rid of the Microsoft Teams version that comes with Windows 11 Enterprise. It's not for business use.

#2 Maximize Network Performance

By simply changing a few policies in Windows 11, either via Intune or Group Policy, you can improve P2P performance significantly in Windows 11. Here are two articles for that:

Setup Delivery Optimization (DO) for ConfigMgr Current Branch – Deployment Research

Delivery Optimization Recommendations for Microsoft Intune – 2Pint Software

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Johan Arwidmark

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10 months ago

Hi JohanTo point #1Do you have any commands/scripts to get rid of the consumer feature and applications during deployment?Best Regards

Andrew Johnson
10 months ago
Reply to  Hans

Hi Hans – I've found Jorgen's blog post here https://ccmexec.com/2021/09/windows-11-customizations-a-first-look/ and Sune's here https://blog.mindcore.dk/2021/05/remove-windows-10-built-in-apps-with/ to be a helpful starting point.