Notes from Getting ConfigMgr Up and Running in 60 Minutes or Less

Here are notes from Getting ConfigMgr Up and Running in 60 Minutes or Less presented by Johan Arwidmark and complied by Ami Arwidmark@IT/Dev Connections (If you're not on Twitter, get on Twitter!!)

Embrace Automation

Creating a Decent Lab

SSD – Minimum 500GB


Enable Data Deduplication

Available in Server 2012/2012R2/2016

Hackable in Windows 10 1511


VLAN, Virtual Router, NAT switch

This is how you route traffic from your lab out to the internet without interfering with production.

Tip: Linux Router is the faster option – use that one!

Tip: $50 Netgear switch with vLAN tagging is good in a lab so you can test physical deployments without impacting production (or home) network

Sizing your site server – or Site Server disk setup

Measure performance on disk

Diskspd Utility: A Robust Storage Testing Tool (superseding SQLIO which was also mentioned in the session)

Kent's database sizing spreadsheet

SQL setup tip:

Monitor SQL setup with CMTrace (C:Program Files) while SQL isn't installed on C: the setup engine is there

SQL performance tips:

Split TempDB file with script, one file per vCPU core, up to a maximum of 8. Also set initial size to 30 percent of CM database. No need to split Configmgr DB across volumes. Splitting TempDB, yes, absolutely critical for performance. Splitting the ConfigMgr database not needed.

Local SQL is most tested and reliable

Remote SQL gives you a performance hit and another point of failure

Install the following ADK 1607 5 components

Deployment tools



Config designer


GitHub ConfigMgr Hydration Setup

Tip: To customize the Hydration Kit to make it unique to your environment (change domain name, passwords, etc)

Then rebuild the ISO to deploy.

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