New Volume Wizard oddity in Windows Server 2012 R2

Whoever wrote the new volume wizard in Windows Server 2012 R2 had a odd sense of humor (or was just not very good at writing code). I mean, 1.54 TB is of course not equal to 1.54 TB, right?

Anyway, this week is book-writing week, and when me and my very good friend and partner in crime, @mikael_nystrom was deplying one of the Hyper-V hosts, a HP ML350p, we run into the "fun" wizard. We had just created a new virtual hard disk, and a storage pool (two-tiered, mirror) of two SSD and six SAS disks, and was about to create a volume when this friendly wizard page refused to continue.


The fix:

Fixing the problem is easy, just change TB into GB, type in the correct value, and off you go. (note that the "," is only a thousand-separator).


Happy Deployment

/ Johan

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