New superior Admin tool for the MDT database – by Christian Wistberg

Earlier this week I had the good fortune of visiting a customer which had developed their own custom frontend for the MDT database. It works pretty much like the MDT Web Frontend written by Maik Koster, but this one is updated for the MDT 2012 Update 1 database tables (Works with MDT 2012 Update 1 and ConfigMgr 2012 SP1). The last day I asked the customer, why don't you publish this tool to the community, because it's really great. Guess what, today, the author did J

The UI is fast to work with and it's very easy to add and modify computers, roles and settings. To get it going, just run the tool (and HTA, compiled into an .exe file), click connect, and of you go.

If you want to peek inside, the source code (HTA) is available for download as well.

More info and download

The MDT Admin interface.

Note: When opening the tool, it will take a short while until it resizes the window (be patient J ).

/ Johan

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10 years ago

I had no issues connecting to any of the databases I have tested with. Verify that named pipes is enabled, that sql browser services is started (if not using default instance), and that the firewall has 1433 tcp and 1434 udp opened

/ Johan

10 years ago

Hi Johan, I've downloaded this tool, and tried connecting to my MDT database with no luck. I've tried every possible combination of server and database that I can think of. Any suggestions?? I followed your instructions for setting up the MDT database from Deployment Fundamentals Vol.1, if that helps! Thanks!