New Group Policies in Windows 8.1 Update

What to do in a hotel room, after a new Windows version (well update) has been released? Well, of course, see what changes there are.

After comparing the policy definition files between Windows 8.1 Enterprise and Windows 8.1 Update Enterprise I noticed there were some differences. For example, the following new group policies were added:

  • User: Show Windows Store Apps On Taskbar.
  • User: Turn On Cloud Candidate (only applies to Microsoft CHS Pinyin IME)
  • Computer and User: Turn off the ability to launch report site problems using a menu option.

In addition I noted some small bug-fixes, like changing SupportedOn values from SUPPORTED_WindowsBlue to SUPPORTED_Windows_6_3

Also found an interesting comment in the startmenu.admx file: "TODO: SUPPORTED_Windows_6_3 should be changed to the new version", wonder if that ever happened 🙂

Once of the new group policies in Windows 8.1 Update.

/ Johan

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