New and removed built in apps in Win11 22H2

This is a short post where the built in appx and FOD (feature on demand) packages are compared to the ones in the original Windows 11 21H2 release. The Enterprise version of Windows 11 have been used to make the comparison.

The built in appx packages and FODs are documented by Microsoft here:

At the time of the writing of this blog they have not yet been updated for 22H2 but they surely will be soon.

New Appx-packages:

Removed Appx-packages:

  • Microsoft.UI.Xaml.2.4

New FODs:

  • Microsoft.Wallpapers.Extended~~~~ (This FOD includes additional inbox theme assets)
  • Microsoft.Windows.Ethernet.Client.Vmware.Vmxnet3~~~~
  • Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Intel.Netwtw10~~~~
  • WMIC~~~~ (This is the WMIC.exe tool)

Removed FODs:

  • App.Support.QuickAssist~~~~ (Replaced by the QuickAssist Appx-package)
  • DirectX.Configuration.Database~~~~
  • Print.Fax.Scan~~~~
  • Windows.Client.ShellComponents~~~~

I am not sure why the DirectX and ShellComponents packages have been removed, maybe they are now integrated in the OS or no longer needed. If someone knows please leave a comment.

So if you are removing apps or FODs when building Win11 22H2 images and are using whitelisting you might need to be aware of these changes.

Hope it helps!

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