Notes From the Field – Live production upgrade to Windows 10 build 9926

Earlier today I migrated my production machine to Windows 10 build 9926, and also recorded the entire process (video available here).

On this blog post I will write about my day-to-day findings of using the new platform.

January 26

Note #1: Camtasia Studio 8.3 went from 4 – 5 crashes a day, to 4 – 5 crashes per hour.

Note #2: My Rode Podcast USB microphone no longer works (found as USB Audio device, but does not work). Workaround: Used a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB soundcard, which is using a different USB audio driver. Obviously I needed to switch to another Microphone so I used a Rode NT1-A with normal XLR contact.

Note #3: Device Manager flickering like crazy (Windows 8.1 "feature" carried over).

Note #4: Can not unblock downloaded word-document in File Explorer (workaround, use the Streams application, Sysinternals/Microsoft)

Note #5: Can't remove USB sticks safely. Workaround: Eject using File Explorer and click Continue.

January 29

Note #1: When connecting the Epiphan DVI2USB 3.0 capture card, and start the Epiphan Capture software, the machine blue screens. Tested three times.

Note #2: OneDrive crashed, had to resync all files, and manually delete the leftover SkyDrive folder.

January 31

Note #1: Discovered that the Machete 4.0 app does not start. Contacted their support, still no answer (February 8).

February 7

Note #1: Noted that my VMware Workstation 10 VMs no longer started (error was: Internal Error). Did work after the initial upgrade so it seems like the February 4 rollup update for Windows 10 broke it. Upgrading to VMware Workstation 11 solved the problem.

February 28

Note #1: Gave up trying to get any kind of response from MacheteSoft (even though I'm a paying customer), uninstalled Machete, and replaced it with SolveigMM Video Splitter 4 which works great in Windows 10.

Clicking Unblock does not work ion my machine with Windows 10 Build 9926.

The Rode Podcaster Microphone, not working.

/ Johan

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