Increasing ConfigMgr Client Cache size during OSD

Here is a quick tip if you are deploying many applications in your task sequence: Make sure that the ConfigMgr client cache size is configured with enough space for your applications. If not, you'll see something like the following:

The ConfigMgr Client cache running low on space during OSD.

Increasing the ConfigMgr Client Cache

Back in the early days of ConfigMgr OSD you needed to run a script in your task sequence to increase the ConfigMgr Client cache size due to a bug in the Setup Windows and Configuration Manager action. But that bug has been fixed many years ago.

To increase the cache size to 25 GB (default is 5 GB), add the SMSCACHESIZE=25600 value to the installation properties.

Configuring the ConfigMgr Client Cache size for OSD.

After doing this change, you can verify that cache size is correct by starting the ConfigMgr client, and check the Cache tab, or by running this PowerShell script:

$resman = New-Object -ComObject "UIResource.UIResourceMgr"
$cacheInfo = $resman.GetCacheInfo()
Verifying the ConfigMgr Client Cache size.
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