How to Get Started with Microsoft Intune in a Few Simple Steps

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There are a few silly rumors floating around the world about the demise of my favorite product (Configuration Manager, or ConfigMgr, but never SCCM). While I'm convinced that a product that gets monthly preview releases is nowhere near having even a toenail in the grave, there are quite a few people who seem to be worried! So, if you have no idea where to start with Intune, I've complied a quick (but certainly not exhaustive) list. By the way, Intune is part of the Enterprise Mobility suite, so you will have a hard time finding one without the other. And finally, I recommend setting up a trial to use with the resources below if you haven't done so already.

The Shiniest Intune List You'll Ever Read:

A list for the regular people

  1. The Intune docs (, most specifically, anything Rob Stack (@londonnoise) writes ( Rob is awesome, he's on Twitter, and he listens to feedback! Trifecta anybody?
  2. Book: Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite: Planning and Implementation – this is a really good book written by Kent Agerlund (@agerlund) and Peter Daalmans (@pdaalmans). I know so because I was one of the technical editors for it. I learned a few things along the way as well. I still reference it when I forget how or why I setup something basic.
  3. The EMS Blog (
  4. Conferences (2017 links):
    1. NIC
    2. Ignite
    3. IT/Dev
    4. MMS
  5. MVP blogs (not an exhaustive list, but if I was going to start a phone tree for emergencies, I'd call these friends first)
    1. Kent Agerlund
    2. Peter Daalmans
    3. Per Larsen
    4. Jan Ketil Skanke
    5. Peter van der Woude
  6. Twitter – MVPs are there, and the product team is on there, and they read my silly tweets about Intune so they will certainly read yours too AND they might help you when you're stuck ([free] support payable in beer or tacos!)
  7. Videos:
    1. Microsoft Mechanics – (do a search for Intune, or Enterprise Mobility)
    2. Previous Ignite Conferences, like this shiny session on Channel9
    3. Microsoft MVA – I'd actually call this more of a hybrid scenario (see what I did there, EMS MVPs?) because there's not just video content available.

Small Section for Partner Specific Stuff, still shiny yet less inclusive

  1. The Community Blog –
  2. Yammer 
  3. Webinars

If that isn't enough to get you started with Intune, I'm not sure what to tell you 🙂

Happy Intuning (or whatever the cool kids say)


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