How to deploy Windows 8.1 (and Windows 7) with MDT 2013 – The Resources

Earlier this morning I got an email with some questions on how to deploy Windows using MDT 2013 Lite Touch. The questions were the basic deployment questions I hear over and over again so I thought it was about time to write a list of valuable deployment resources.

The questions

  1. How do I capture a Windows setup to a WIM Image, and do I need to sysprep the image?
  2. Once captured, How can I import the WIM image back into MDT again?
  3. How do I create and edit production task sequences?
  4. What about multiple partitions?
  5. How about creating an offline media?

The Resources

The following resources provide you with answers to the preceding questions, and much, much more. The resources are for Windows 8.1 but are valid for Windows 7 as well. I've organized the resources into the following sections:

  • Step-by-Step guides (free)
  • Virtual Labs (free)
  • Videos (free)
  • Commercial Videos (e.g. not free)
  • Books (not free either, but available on Kindle if your budget is limited).

Step-by-Step guides

On TechNet you find well-proven step-by-step guides.

TechNet Docs – Create a Windows 8.1 Reference Image

TechNet Docs – Deploy a Windows 8.1 Image Using MDT 2013

Server room interior

Virtual Hands-On-Labs

On TechNet Virtual Labs you can walk through each scenario, over and over again. Ready-made labs just waiting for you to connect. Yes, they are free 🙂

Creating a Windows 8.1 reference image (lab no longer available)

Deploying Windows 8.1 with MDT 2013 (Lite Touch) (lab no longer available)

Free Videos

The jumpstart videos is a collection of four videos, covering the basics of Windows deployment using MDT 2013 (and ConfigMgr/SCCM 2012 as well)

Windows 8.1 Deployment Jump Start (no longer available)


Commercial Videos

On the following link you find links to commercial videos sold under the ViaMonstra brand.

Happy Deployment,  Johan

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Johan Arwidmark

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9 years ago

Use IEAK 11 for advanced customizations of Internet Explorer.

/ Johan

9 years ago

Hello Johan, thank you for giving time helping people.
I have an issue adjusting Windows 8.1 Enterprise 64bit answer file as follows:





Is it possible to automatically enable IE11 Extensions (BHO) after sysprep ?
And why my default Search Engine is defaulted to Bing, regarding my above settings ?

Thanks in advance.

9 years ago

Sorry, nope, but send me an email, and I can help you offline.

/ Johan

9 years ago

Hi, i using the hydration kit sccm 2012r2 i have a problem i using adk 8.1 and mdt 2013 when i run the TS for the DC no problem but when i run the TS for Mdt01 for example the image was applied the System reboot and the phase prepare after the plug and play was very long 6 minutes compare to 10 second for the DC. I use the DVD windows server 2012 r2 french VL. Do you have an idée ?