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It's funny how some news simply flies under the radar, in this case I completely missed the release of back in August, 2021. is web-based editor – essentially a lightweight VS Code – allowing you to edit code directly in your browser. There are two ways to go access the VS Code environment in your browser:

  1. Once signed in to GitHub (requirement), Press the "." (dot) key while in repository or pull request.
  2. Replace .com with .dev in the URL to the repository.

The Editor

Here is an example for one of the Hydration Kit repositories I'm using in dev mode:

More resources – Extending

Upon researching I stumbled across an excellent blog post by Jonathan Carter (GitHub). Highlighting some of the many extension you can add for editing images, diagrams, and many more things. Check out out:

Fun Things You Can Do With

Below is an example of installing the Luna Paint extension for image editing.

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