Fixing running ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 reports in a web browser

Earlier today a ConfigMgr Admin reached out for help regarding their reports in ConfigMgr 2012 SP1. They could run the reports fine from within the ConfigMgr console, but when they tried to view them in the web browser, they got the error: "The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send."



After some investigation it turned out they had tried to implement a SSL certificate for the reports, but because of a broken certificate, the report server virtual directory didn't like it one bit.

The solution

Credit goes to fellow MVP Matthew Hudson, who's post at was spot on with regards the final piece of the solution (edit the RSReportServer.config file).

Remove the broken certificate and configure the report server not to use SSL anymore. Removing the certificates are quite straightforward, just open the Reporting Services Configuration Manager console, select the Web Service URL node, click Advanced and remove the broken certificate. Then repeat the same operation on the Report Manager URL node.

After that you need to modify the RSReportServer.config file in the ReportServer folder (Located in the folder where you installed Reporting Services). Find the following entry: and change the value setting from 2 to 0. Then restart the reporting services node, and the reports are back again.


The working Reports virtual directory.


/ Johan

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10 years ago

Make sure to disable the IE Enhanced Security Configuration and you should be fine.

/ Johan

10 years ago

Hi, not quite the same error. Hopefully someone has seen this before though?
When I try and view reports in a browser from another server I am asked for credentials. Even giving domain admin credentials, which also is a Full Administrator in ConfigMgr I am unable to get to this page. I am looking for IIS permissions or SQL permissions or something.
Can anyone assist?