Fixing DaRT integration for MDT Lite Touch with Windows ADK 2004 or Later

If you ever tried to use the DaRT integration in MDT Lite Touch with Windows ADK 2004 or later versions, you probably noticed that you will not see the command prompt in the remote viewer when pressing F8. This is due to a code change in Windows ADK 2004. Here is a quick fix for that.

Note: This fix is for MDT Lite Touch only. for a ConfigMgr version of this post, go here:

Add the below script to your scripts folder, name it ADK2004DartFix.vbs.

Function UserExit(sType, sWhen, sDetail, bSkip) 
  UserExit = Success 
End Function

' Add support for Windows ADK 2004, making command prompts not showing in the remote viewer unless forced to use old layout
If oEnvironment.Item("OSCurrentBuild") >= 19041 And oEnvironment.Item("OSVersion") = "WinPE" Then
	oShell.RegWrite "HKCU\Console\ForceV2","0","REG_DWORD"
End if 

Modify your Customsettings.ini file to run the script, for example via the [Default] section:


Command Prompt visible in DaRT Remote Connection Viewer in WinPE from ADK 2004.
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3 years ago

Thanks Johan. I just ran in to this today. Your solution works, but a bit later than desired. The issue is (as you know) customsettings.ini does not load until you have started the deployment wizard and authenticated. I'm not sure the best way to load it earlier, but it seems like we need it loaded from the time you press the DaRT button in MDT. I'm thinking Wpeinit, Startnet.cmd, or maybe using \Extra Files\ directory in MDT and then loading it from bootstrap.ini? Curious on your thoughts.