Fix for Task Sequence / Sysprep hanging in BDD/MDT when doing a build and capture of Windows XP/2003

Since the BDD 2007 timeframe there has been an issue in BDD/MDT when doing a build and capture of Windows XP/2003. Sometimes the Task Sequence / Sysprep just hangs, until you move the mouse. Here is the fix.

Note: This only happens when building reference images of Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.

Sample Files Download

The solution to the problem is to run an AutoIT script that automatically moves the mouse every now and then. It needs to be run as an exe, but I provide the AutoIT source code so you can see what the files does. Just call the .exe file before the Sysprep action in the task sequence.

MDT running the sysprep action during the task sequence.

/ Johan

Note: The script originally came from the Deployment Fundamentals – Volume 3 book (written by me, Chris Nackers and Mikael Nyström).


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10 years ago

Here is a little more on the subject that someone else posted concerning CItrix/XenApp and the Hang:

11 years ago

Great, thanks Jason

/ Johan

11 years ago

We actually have found that this happens on Server 2008 R2 as well, using SCCM/MDT when installing XenApp 6.5 software. It pauses the whole process (indefinitely) until the mouse is moved within the VM. This scripted works well in both cases, thx Johan. 😉