Find Scheduled Tasks via PowerShell

This morning I needed to find which scheduled task that ran a specific PowerShell script, and also which username that was configured to run the task. While the Get-ScheduledTask and Get-ScheduledTaskInfo cmdlets does retrieve detailed information about schedule tasks, they don't reveal the information about the username. Good old schtasks.exe to the rescue.

The Script

$TaskName = "*" # Change to look for specific scripts
$Action = "*Invoke-DPHealthCollectAndSummarization.ps1*" # Change to look for specific actions, or just * or *.ps1

schtasks.exe /Query /V /FO CSV | 
    ConvertFrom-Csv | 
    Where { $_.TaskName -ne "TaskName" -and $_.TaskName -like $TaskName -and $_.'Task To Run' -like $Action  }|
    Select-Object @{ label='Name';expression={split-path $_.TaskName -Leaf} }, Author ,'Run As User','Task To Run' | 
    Format-Table -Property * -AutoSize | 
    Out-String -Width 4096 
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Johan Arwidmark

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Predrag Dobrovic
Predrag Dobrovic
11 months ago

Hi Johan. Recently I have written similar script. With following commands, in our company environment, it was possible to obtain the username:

Get-ScheduledTask | Select TaskName,Author -ExpandProperty Principal | Select TaskName, Author, UserId