Deploying Windows 8 Consumer Preview with MDT 2012 RC1

Deploying Windows 8 Consumer Preview with MDT 2012 RC1 is not very different from any other operating system.

The only thing you need really to be aware of is that Windows 8 Consumer Preview is a retail edition (non-VL), meaning you need to specify the product key. In the Sources folder you have a file named product.ini which contain keys good for installation, but not activation. You should rather use the product key specifed om the public Windows 8 Consumer Preview download site:

The product key for the English version if Windows 8 Consumer Preview is: DNJXJ-7XBW8-2378T-X22TX-BKG7J

Since the Windows 8 Consumer Preview is a retail edition, when creatting a Task Sequence in MDT 2012 RC1, you need to select the last option for specifying the product key.

/ Johan

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11 years ago

I have only used the BIOS tools from other OEMs (Dell, Lenovo and HP). For specific (custom) BIOS your best option is most likely to work with the vendor.

/ Johan

11 years ago


I'm working for OEM distributor. I would like to know what modules do I have to add to WinPE 4 to run Award/AMI/ Intel Bios flash utilities.
The main idea is to run windows PE that can flash bios /deploy images /capture images /customize images…. I Loaded all the named modules in Win PE 4. but still it refers to some missing components .. help…anyone..please