Deploying Hyper-V Hosts via MDT Lite Touch

Last week I got a question about deploying Hyper-V hosts via MDT Lite touch, so here is a quick guide. In this example I'm assuming you have imported an operating system to the Deployment Workbench. In my example I was using a Windows Server 2019 image.

Update March 13, 2024: Added info on how to do this also for Windows Server Core editions which is supported by MDT.

1. Create a task sequence and select the Standard Server Task Sequence Template in the wizard, and also select the imported Windows Server 2019 operating system, either a LTSC Desktop Server edition, or Windows Server Core edition. See the below screenshots:

Using the Standard Server Task Sequence template.
Selecting the Windows Server 2019 operating system.

2. Edit the new task sequence, add the Install Roles and Features option, select Windows Server 2019 or Windows Server 2019 Core (if using Core) in the dropdown list, and then select Hyper-V in the list.

Adding an Install Roles and Features action.
A Windows Server Core machine deployed with Hyper-V.

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Fbi Fido
Fbi Fido
4 months ago

can you use server core?