Customizing the Hydration kit, PowerShell style! – By Mattias Benninge

Johan has done a great job creating the Hydration kit but I had the need to do some customizations. Johan did a write-up on which files needed to be changed (here) but that's a lot a manual work which I really recent 😉

It also suggests creating the deployment share on C: first and then use mklink to point the data to the drive where you actually want it. My script is intended to be run on the source files before the deployment share is created and allows for the deployment share to be created on any drive.

Link to the script: 

If you want the deployment share on H: for example, start by extracting the to H:
Then edit the first to values in the script:

$HydrationSource = "H:\HydrationCMWS2016"
$NewMDTPath = "H:"

The script also supports customizing the following:

  • Password
  • Domain related info
  • IP related things
  • Time zone

Just put a # (comment) in front of any values that you don't want to customize and they will be skipped by the script.

When running the script the values will be updated in all locations where applicable, no more need to update task sequences or ini-files manually!! 

After the script has been run follow the guide Johan written here (

Note: This have only been tested on the Hydration kit above! (

Written by Mattias Benninge (@matbg)

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