Customizing ConfigMgr Boot Images with WMI and PowerShell

When adding in a ConfigMgr boot image not matching the currently installed Windows ADK version you quickly learn that several tabs are missing from the boot image properties. This is common when you want to try boot images from a new Windows ADK version, without upgrading Windows ADK on the ConfigMgr Site Server, for example when testing a new version.


Here is an example of an "unmatched" WinPE 11 24H2 boot image, added to a ConfigMgr environment with Windows ADK for Windows 11 22H2 (build 10.1.22621).

WinPE boot image properties with missing tabs.

Compare this to a boot image matching the Windows ADK version:

WinPE boot image properties with all tabs.

Workaround via WMI and PowerShell

Here is an example of enable command prompt support (F8) via WMI and PowerShell

# Requires the script to be run under an administrative account context.
#Requires -RunAsAdministrator

# ConfigMgr Site Code and SMS Provider
$SiteCode = "PS1"
$SMSProvider = ""

# Specify boot image
$BootImageName = "WinPE 11 24H2 x64"

# Get the boot image via WMI
$CMBootImage = Get-WmiObject -ComputerName $SMSProvider -Namespace "root\SMS\site_$($SiteCode)" -Class SMS_BootImagePackage -Filter "Name like '%$($BootImageName)%'"
$BootImage = [wmi]"$($CMBootImage.__PATH)"

# Add F8 Support in ConfigMgr (needed when ADK version installed is different from Boot Image)
$BootImage.EnableLabShell = $true

# Add custom background image
$BackgroundUNCPath = "\\cm01\sources\OSD\Branding\ViaMonstra_Background_WinPE.bmp"
$BootImage.BackgroundBitmapPath = $BackgroundUNCPath 
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