ConfigMgr Client not installing due to Default Gateway not available

Earlier this week I stumbled across an interesting thing with ConfigMgr 2107 clients (might be applicable to other versions too). I had a set of clients configured to use a default gateway, set via DHCP. But that router was turned off, so they could not access it. For the moment I did not worry about, because the site server and DP used was on the same subnet as the clients, so they could access those servers even without the router available. But yet they failed the client push install with this error:

Download Update: A recoverable error has occurred. A retry attempt will be made. Error: 0x80200010, DescriptionThere are currently no active network connections. Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) will try again when an adapter is connected. Context: The error occurred in the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) queue manager.


To fix this issue I simply turned on the router, so the client could reach it, and the problem went away…

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Oliver Müller
2 years ago

Yes, this is about network detection in windows. If the default gateway is unreachable, the public firewall profile will become the active profile…

Alexandre Ignatenko
Alexandre Ignatenko
2 years ago

yes, I am observing issues in secure environments (where the clients do not have dg set or dg is not reachable for a while. Even if MP,DP and a Client are on the same subnet. This is BITS related. MS promised to fix it in 1903, but never did apparently.