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Speeding up Win32 apps upload via PowerShell

By Johan Arwidmark / September 8, 2022

For those of you following me on social media, you know that I for the past two months or so have been researching how Intune could be used to deploy large applications. While this post covers how to decrease the time it takes to upload the applications, you can read the initial post below: Deploying […]


Deploying Large Applications using Microsoft Intune

By Johan Arwidmark / August 26, 2022

In late July, I was asked to do a Proof-Of-Concept (POC) for one of our customers regarding Intune and deployment of large applications. Basically, they wanted to know how well Intune would work with application sizes in the 5 – 20 GB range. Obviously, this story is not going to end well, but please read […]


A Geeks Guide to Windows 11 Deployment

By Johan Arwidmark / August 14, 2022

Just a quick post to announce that we have a released a free Ebook on Windows 11 deployment using ConfigMgr or MDT Lite Touch. 75 pages with step-by-step guides for Windows 11 imaging. To secure your copy, simply sign up for our newsletter on the Deployment News link in the banner above. eBook Outline: The […]


Back to Basics – Driver Installation Order in WinPE Matters

By Johan Arwidmark / August 9, 2022

Ever having troubles about WinPE not finding your disk drive during deployment? Even though you added the correct drivers to it. Well, it can be as simple as your driver were added to the boot image in the wrong order. Did I get your attention? Well, there is more. 🙂 Some Hardware Vendors are Better […]


Highlights from the July 21, 2022, Microsoft AMA on Windows Autopilot

By Johan Arwidmark / July 23, 2022

Here are my favorite topics, questions, and answers from the Microsoft AMA (Ask Me Anything) Windows Autopilot session on July 21, 2022. The recording from this live presentation as well as earlier AMA sessions is available on the main Windows IT Pro YouTube channel, and here is a direct link to the AMA Autopilot session: […]


Mount-WindowsImage fails in WinPE

By Johan Arwidmark / July 18, 2022

This weekend I stumbled across an issue when trying to mount a driver package (WIM file) in WinPE via the Mount-WindowsImage cmdlet, part of the Dism PowerShell module from WinPE. The error that was shown was: Mount-WindowsImage : The 'Mount-WindowsImage' command was found in the module 'Dism', but the module could not be loaded. The […]


Add Driver Fallback to MDT Lite Touch

By Johan Arwidmark / July 8, 2022

Here is a PowerShell script that adds driver fallback to MDT Lite Touch. Meaning, when there is no matching model the task sequence falls back from the total control method, and uses the drivers based on PNP detection from a generic driver fallback selection profile. This script is only invoked if there were no matching […]


Adding PowerShell 7 to WinPE

By Johan Arwidmark / July 1, 2022

While not officially supported, PowerShell 7 seems to play somewhat nicely in WinPE. Here is a short script that adds it into WinPE build 10.1.22000.1 (Windows ADK for Windows 11 21H2) or WinPE build 10.0.22621.1 (Windows ADK for Windows 11 22H2). Update July 2, 2022: Added code to support PowerShell Gallery, set screen resolution and […]


Back to Basics – Running Command Line Tools from PowerShell

By Johan Arwidmark / June 29, 2022

Every now and then you may find that the PowerShell cmdlet for what you are trying to do is simply missing, or that the one that does exist are missing features compared to the command line tool equivalent, or that the PowerShell cmdlet simply have a bug(s) that renders a parameter useless. Such as an […]


Notes from the Lab on Windows ADK for Windows 11 22H2

By Johan Arwidmark / June 12, 2022

You probably noticed that Microsoft release a new version of Windows ADK for Windows 11 last month (May 2022), the 22H2 version. One major change in this version compared to the 21H2 version of the kit is that x86 boot images are no longer included. In this post you learn about what this means for ConfigMgr and MDT Lite Touch environments.


Windows Autopilot Plan B

By Johan Arwidmark / June 8, 2022

Windows Autopilot is pretty great… when it works. But the last few months there has been more issues with the Windows Autopilot service than I have fingers to count with, so here is a post on setting up a backup plan for enrolling devices automatically into Intune during deployment, without Autopilot. The Plan The Autopilot […]


New Unattended Setup Requirements in ConfigMgr 2203

By Johan Arwidmark / June 7, 2022

For those of you that likes to install ConfigMgr automatically, please note that starting in ConfigMgr 2203, you must also specify two of the keys in the SABranchOptions section: SAActive and CurrentBranch. If you fail to do so, the setup will fail with the following error: ERROR: Error reading branch status. SAActive and CurrentBranch needs […]


Links from our Camping Sessions at MMS 2022

By Johan Arwidmark / May 26, 2022

Per request, here are the links we shared during our camping sessions at MMS 2022 in Minneapolis. Camping sessions at MMS are private sessions you can book for 15-20 minutes with Microsoft or your favorite speakers and MVPs. Thank you everyone that joined our sessions / Johan and Andrew The Links AAD/Autopilot CleanupJos Lieben – […]


Windows Autopilot Hybrid Join Resources

By Johan Arwidmark / May 2, 2022

Here is a collection of resources I found useful when learning about setting up, and troubleshooting, Windows Autopilot Hybrid Join. First, why you may want not to 🙂 Deliver us from Hybrid Second, resources for setup and troubleshooting Configure Autopilot Hybrid Azure-AD and ADDS Domain Join Trying out Windows Autopilot User-Driven Hybrid Azure AD Join […]


SQL Server 2019 Evaluation Media Fails to Download

By Johan Arwidmark / April 16, 2022

Earlier today I stumbled across that the SQL Server 2019 Evaluation Media just refused to download its installer files. When launching the SQL2019-SSEI-Eval.exe file, it immediately failed with the error: Oops… A required file could not be downloaded. This could mean the version of the installer is no longer supported. Please download again from the […]

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