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Building the perfect ConfigMgr boot image

By Johan Arwidmark / June 17, 2016

Since ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1, the boot images used has been more “sensitive” to network configurations, and in ConfigMgr Current Branch it got even worse. However with some simple tweaks you can configure the boot images to work in the crappiest of networks. Here is what you need to do.


Understanding logging in ConfigMgr OS Deployment

By Johan Arwidmark / June 15, 2016

Anyone using ConfigMgr for OS Deployment for more than four seconds knows that it’s the log files you turn to when things go wrong. However even in ConfigMgr Current Branch (currently v1511 as base version, with v1602 as most recent upgrade), since debug logging is enabled by default, a log file can easily grow to 5 – 6 MB with just the default task sequence. That wouldn’t be much problem if the log file didn’t truncate a 2 MB, and then created an archive (one archive only). 2 + 2 MB is still less than 5 – 6 MB.


Ad Hoc PowerShelling – Getting data from Windows Defender

By Johan Arwidmark / June 3, 2016

Most managing solutions (SCCM/ConfigMgr, Intune, or just scheduled PowerShell tasks 🙂 ) makes use of an agent type method for control, to make sure the computer can do the work when it’s capable of doing so (like being on the network, powered on etc.). However, sometimes you have to get some Ad Hoc work done quickly, on as many machines as possible at that moment, and for that PowerShell and CIM sessions can be very useful.


Fix for Windows 10 exhausted pool of TCPIP ports

By Johan Arwidmark / May 4, 2016

Lately one of my Windows 10 machines started to behave quite strange, after about a day of use, browsing Internet was no longer possible. I could still ping resources, but not use any browser or other application requiring Internet access. A reboot fixed the problem, and then after about a day, sometimes less, the same thing happened.


Deploying Windows 10 using ConfigMgr – MVA live event summary

By Johan Arwidmark / April 14, 2016

Earlier this afternoon I was watching the Deploying Windows 10: Automating Deployment by Using System Center Configuration Manager live event from Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA). The three sessions were presented by Aaron Czechowski and Wally Mead, both well known profiles within the ConfigMgr space. Here follows a summary of the live event:


Adding CMTrace to your MDT Lite Touch boot images

By Johan Arwidmark / February 12, 2016

If you have been deploying Windows for longer than 4 seconds, you know that the MDT log files are written in a format designed for the CMTrace utility. Here are two quick guides on how to add it to the MDT boot images (the supported way, and the cool/fun way 🙂  ).


Running the MDT Task Sequence as a Different User

By Johan Arwidmark / February 2, 2016

When using MDT 2013 Update 2 (Lite Touch) for your deployments the default behavior is to run every task sequence action as the local Administrator account. In addition to this, MDT also connects to the deployment share using the account you start the deployment with. Either typed in via MDT deployment wizard login dialog box, or automated via bootstrap.ini. But what if you want to run the task sequence, at least the last part of it, as a different user in order to access resources on other servers than the deployment server? Or simply to install applications as a different user.


Have ConfigMgr send an email after deployment (including log parsing)

By Johan Arwidmark / January 29, 2016

Over the years I have been using a few different scripts to have the task sequence send an email when the deployment is completed. For example this post: Configure MDT 2010 to send an email when deployment is completed. Another common way to do this is to use status filter rules in ConfigMgr. A good example is the Send an email when OSD completes a deployment post by Benoit Lecours.


Who is General Failure, and why is he reading my disk?

By Johan Arwidmark / January 22, 2016

It’s been two great weeks, I’ve been travelling the US presenting Windows 10 trainings and sessions in Phoenix, Austin and Dallas (SCU 2016). But, it turned out I said something wrong, on all of them too, which is a new kind of record for me… Anyway I decided to use this classic joke as the headline for an apology, and clarification, to the good folks attending my Windows 10 sessions.


Hydration Kit For ConfigMgr

By Johan Arwidmark / December 4, 2015

As you probably have notices, at least if you use Twitter, is that the new generation of ConfigMgr products were released yesterday (December 3). The first version is ConfigMgr v1511, and here is an hydration kit that’s builds it for you.

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