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Fix for installing Windows Technical Preview via PXE on Gen 2 VM

By Johan Arwidmark / October 1, 2014

If you try to PXE boot a Windows Technical Preview VM running on Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012 R2, you are greeted by a nice error message: Boot Failed. EFI Network. Failed Secure Boot Verification. The simple fix Until there is an update available turn off secure boot for the Gen 2 VM. Disabling Secure […]


Installing CU3 for ConfigMgr 2012 R2

By Johan Arwidmark / September 23, 2014

Earlier today the CU3 update for ConfigMgr 2012 R2 was released, containing a few nice to have fixes for ConfigMgr. The full list of fixes, and link to request the hotfix is available here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2994331 Backup your Site Server Before continuing, make sure you have a SQL Backup of the Site Server. The update will […]


Whats new in the September 2014 release of Windows ADK 8.1

By Johan Arwidmark / September 17, 2014

On September 15, 2014 – Microsoft made the fourth release of Windows ADK 8.1 available. As usual without any explanation on what's been changed 🙂 Windows ADK 8.1 history First release, September 2013: 2.79 GB in size Initial release, contained ACT 6.0, WinPE 5.0, and USMT 6.3 Second release, October 2013: 2.85 GB in size, […]


My TechEd Europe 2014 sessions

By Johan Arwidmark / August 26, 2014

Between October 28 – 31 (27 for preconferences) Microsoft is running TechEd in Barcelona, don't miss this! From TechEd 2013 in Madrid, handing out a book in reward for a good question.   My sessions list for TechEd Europe 2014 Here is the my list of sessions at TechEd Europe 2014 in Barcelona. I would […]


The Dream Team is Back – The Ultimate Event

By Johan Arwidmark / August 15, 2014

Don't miss chance of getting the latest tips and tricks for building and managing a Microsoft infrastructure, delivered by computer industry experts like Mark Minasi, Johan Arwidmark and Mikael Nystrom.  This is full-day, technical event, held in five cities in Sweden and Norway in September 2014. The five sessions are: Keynote – Get a grip […]


Creating custom variables in MDT 2013

By Johan Arwidmark / August 12, 2014

Yesterday I got a question in my twitter feed (@jarwidmark) about how to create a custom variable in MDT 2013 using a script. The answer is, yes you can do that, but you rarely have to, because you can create them directly in CustomSettings.ini to begin with. Anyway, some times it does makes sense to […]


Listing applications configured for Task Sequence deployments

By Johan Arwidmark / July 24, 2014

Of course you should not be deploying applications, but rather packages in your ConfigMgr 2012 (SCCM) task sequences. But if you do, you can use this little PowerShell script to list applications that have the AutoInstall property set to True, meaning being configured for task sequence deployment. The Script Note #1: If you want to […]


Generate computer names based on folder content

By Johan Arwidmark / July 21, 2014

Last week I got an email from a fellow deployment geek wanting to generate computer names based on what files that were in a folder. Every time they deployed a machined they had a script that saved the machine name to a folder, and he wanted a routine that figured out the next available name. […]


Deploying Windows 7 to HP ProBook 640 G1 with ConfigMgr 2012 R2

By Johan Arwidmark / July 5, 2014

The last two weeks I've been working on a ConfigMgr 2012 R2 project in the US, that also involved OS Deployment. During the project all but one computer model deployed nicely, and the failing machine was the HP ProBook 640 G1 laptop. Even though all drivers installed fine, once the machine was put to standby/hibernate, […]


Fix – Cannot start Orchestrator Runbook via ConfigMgr Task Sequence

By Johan Arwidmark / May 26, 2014

During TechEd I was discussing a ConfigMgr issue with Eric Leonard, a fellow ConfigMgr admin in Canada. The issue we were discussing were the following: When having multiple network access accounts configured in ConfigMgr, Orchestrator runbooks could not be started. It turned out there was a bug in ZTIExecuteRunbook.wsf script, a missing single quite. Big […]


Building reference images like a boss!

By Johan Arwidmark / May 14, 2014

It’s a great week here at TechEd 2014 in Houston, later this afternoon I will present the never-dying “Creating the perfect reference image” with my partner in crime (and good friend), Mikael Nystrom. If you ever attended one of my deployment sessions before, you know I recommend using MDT Lite Touch for most scenarios, but what if you want to speed up the process?

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